Thursday, March 21, 2013

You have 24 hours to pay the fine - scam!

The warning that says that you have 24 hours to pay the fine is a typical scam that is associated with the large group of computer infections known as ransomwares. Such applications lock the desktop of infected computers completely, without letting users do anything they want. In the majority of the cases, by the way, this locker is presented in the form of some local police warning that condemns users of committing various crimes online, and this is how the warning explains the reasons for the locked status of the attacked computer.

However, in reality things are totally different. First, the warning that tells you have 24 hours to pay a fine isn't associated with the police at all. Instead, is it the product of online frauds, hackers who want to get some part of your funds into their own possession. This goal is sometimes achieved by them, when they convince to scare users to death with a lot of deceitful statements, faulty accusations and condemnations expressed in the text of the locker. Without hesitation, this type of infection is very severe, and you and all security companies need to do something with it to prevent such malwares from reappearing in the future.

So, here comes a good question. What should you do when you see a message that say you have 24 hours to pay the fine? Well, you should not pay any fine. Hackers prompt you to paying the ransom via Ukash, Paysafecard of GreenDot MoneyPak payment systems, but this is surely a serious mistake. Don't ever donate any money in favor of the crooks! Either you have 24 hours, 48 hours or even 72 hours of your system locked as described above doesn't make any difference. The police will not come to your house, because this message does not come from the police. So, you don't need to be afraid of being punished by the law enforcement bodies. Remember that the message that you see is a malware on your screen. Removing it and unlocking your system is what you should do right away. Below please find the guide that will explain to you how to do it.

Removal guide:

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