Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cheshire Police Authority virus removal tool

This is the article on how to get rid of Cheshire Police virus warning from your locked computer. These days a serious ransomware is crossing around the computers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It masks itself under the garments, logo and symbol of the UK’s Cheshire Police Authority. In reality, this is a nasty malware, the product of cyber frauds, primarily residing in the Russian Federation. If you ever receive this fake warning supposedly coming from the Cheshire Police Authority, please ignore all its contents completely. Otherwise, if you trust this message, there’s a high risk of you becoming the victim of frauds.

Cheshire Police Trojan locks computers unexpectedly. It is worth indicating that this ransomware belongs to the Urausy group of desktop lockers that request funds to be paid by users. Generally, this Cheshire Police scary warning is also presented to be associated with the Police Central e-Crime Unit of the UK’s Metropolitan Police. It is thus a continuation of a long practice that has been initiated by hackers back in 2011 when the first release of the Metropolitan Police virus was first launched to attack many computers. By the way, our blog was among the first ones among security sites that gave the excellent solutions and recommendations on how to fix this serious problem and get rid of the locked status.

Generally speaking, it seems that ransomware nowadays occupies quite a large niche in the circle diagram of other types of malwares. It is directly interconnected with rogue security software. Unlocking the system out of ransomware’s bondage is a challenge for many security blogs these days. If you are the resident of the UK there’s a high risk of your computer being infected with Cherhire Police malware that can lock your system utterly. If this is the case, you need to remember that this warning the scam presents has nothing to do with the Cheshire Police Authority at all. Neither has it to do with Metropolitan Police or Police Central e-Crime Unit.

In order to get rid of the Cheshire Police virus warning on your computer you need to stick to the right removal guidelines that will be effective for your case. In advance we’d like to tell you that the mere running of the security software might not be enough in this case. First, a good practice is to implement some manual steps as described in the guidelines below. Then you may apply certain powerful anti-virus program that will remove all remnants of Cheshire Police virus on your system. If you have any problems, questions or concerns regarding this or other issue – please get in touch with us immediately for further assistance.

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