Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to remove meta.7search.com browser hijacker

The presence of 7search.com inside of your browser is surely not a pleasant experience for all users who’re active online. This means that all their search queries will be redirected via meta.7search.com. This type of browser rerouting is often caused by certain type of software that is classified as the potentially unwanted one. This is done in order to draw some traffic and user’s attention to certain goods or products advertised on 7search.com. Yet, we believe this is not fair for software developers to install their 7search.com codes without user’s permission or knowledge.

In some cases search bars like meta.7search.com can be installed quite legally, especially when this happens when the installer of it can be bundled with the installer of some other software user is installing. But, regretfully, in many of the cases this browser redirection via 7search.com occurs without user’s permission. This all gives us the grounds to state that having meta.7search.com inside of your browser isn’t a good sign. The hijacker promises to enhance your search results, whereas in reality the results are totally perverted. Hence, if your browser got hacked by this annoying search bar, please remove it by following the guidelines below.

Removal guide:


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