Thursday, March 14, 2013 redirect. How to fix

Some computers in the online world today are bearing the burden of redirection. This problem often is caused by lack of user’s attention while installing some freeware that is bundled with the installation files of search bar. According to the information we possess with, this search bar is merely for entertainment purposes. However, when one realizes about the serious browser redirect problem caused by this app, this all is no longer entertaining but rather annoying.

There are many computers in the world today that suffer from the virus causing browser redirection. And, by the way, this relates to many browsers of today, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Speaking about, it primarily attacks Mozilla Firefox browser, even though other search engines might become vulnerable as well.

Needless to mention, the presence of redirection problem isn’t something that is of pleasure. This search bar promises to optimize the search results, whereas in reality often users don’t receive the information they expect so badly. Instead, they generally receive the bunch of advertisements for some good or services promoted on a paid basis via

In advance we’d like to say that removing the problem of browser redirection via can’t be fixed that easily. In many cases manual interference is of utmost importance. So, if your search requests are permanently forwarded via, please act accordingly and remove this annoying search bar as described below.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

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