Tuesday, June 18, 2013

XP Security Cleaner Pro virus removal video

XP Security Cleaner Pro is a rogue anti-spyware program of FakeRean or Braviax virus family. There were many similar fake antiviruses with exactly the same or similar interface over the last period of time. All of them appear to last within certain time interval, and then are substituted with a new specimen (with a different name). However, they all have certain common feature - these rogues change their names depending on the type of the operating system which they attack. Such a variety of rogue security programs with same GUI does not make them better as time goes by. All such malicious programs have the only purpose that has been predestined for them in the mind of IT criminals – to bring more and more funds into the pockets of rogue software developers. These goals are sometimes achieved by means of deceiving and scaring users with the bunch of fabricated information about poor security status of their PCs and availability of various forms of threats.

Bogus system scan of XP Security Cleaner Pro scam is what is inevitable when users turn their PCs on. By the way, such amendment was initiated by this rogue during its installation process. In other words, this malicious application comes up once users turn their PCs on. Immediately the hoax starts the fictitious scan of their computer and then tells that it is terribly infected. There are various fake security notifications, threats, popups and warnings that come up in front of your screen from time to time. No doubt, nothing you hear from this malware program should be trusted by you. Instead of buying it, why don’t you download the powerful anti-virus solution (software) recommended by us? Go ahead and get rid of XP Security Cleaner Pro rogueware without hesitation, before it brings its other malicious pests to your system. In order to delete this fake AV from your system you will need to implement some specific tricks to run the virus remover. The rogue creates obstacles for running or downloading legitimate security software. You are also recommended to reboot your computer into safe mode with networking. Simply ignore all malware’s notifications and do what you need to do to get rid of XP Security Cleaner Pro virus. Please follow the tips below, which are formalized in the form of a video presentation we've uploaded at YouTube. Good luck!

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