Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vista Security Cleaner Pro rogue (removal instructions)

Here comes the new rogue anti-malware application that should be avoided by all users, irrespective of their nationality, gender or place of residence. The name of this hoax is Vista Security Cleaner Pro, but this tool has nothing to do with actually rendering safety for your computer. Instead, by keeping such application users make their systems extremely vulnerable to further, more severe and aggressive threat attacks. Why is it so? Well, this is because this program was developed by hackers for the sole goal of earning money by means of deceiving simple and trusting users.

The program imitates the traits of some legitimate anti-spyware program, whereas the profound analysis of this tool gives us all the grounds to positively assert that this device brings no good news to computers that have been infected with this junkware. First of all, once this tool enters your system it starts targeting you with its bountiful fake threat notifications, alerts and warnings about poor security status of your computer and about various fake infections that supposedly have obtained control over your system. No doubt, to receive such a portion of threatening information can be quite scary initially. But the frustration will pass away once we initiate the deep and thorough research of this application. By testing this tool one may discover that nothing reported by this rogue is actually the truth.

So, instead of listening to its recommendations you’d rather look for the decent solution that will help you eliminate this pest from your workstation. Vista Security Cleaner Pro cannot be uninstalled using the common software uninstall principles. Like all other rogues, it does not ask for your permission to enter your computer and thus gets installed in a secret (hidden) manner. One cannot detect this software in the list of Add/Remove programs of the Control Panel. Thus, in order to completely get rid of this scam you need to choose the reliable anti-spyware application that can handle the removal job effectively and completely. However, this virus blocks launching, downloading and running legitimate anti-viruses, so you should follow the guidelines below that will explain to you how to effectively get rid of this rogue in spite of all restrictions initiated by the very malware.

Removal guide:


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