Friday, June 21, 2013

Ildefender.exe virus process. How to stop it

This guide describes the way of termination of ildefender.exe - another process which is attributed to the hoax called Internet Security Pro. Millions of computers in the world have been attacked by this rogue antispyware application, and in order to get rid of this malware one needs to stop its process called ildefender.exe. Use these instructions that will help you kill ildefender.exe using ruskill.exe.

Don’t be attracted by Internet Security Pro design and general (outward) credibility. This program is not associated with Windows, even though its name starts with this word. Quite to the contrary, in fact. This is a rogue antimalware application launched into the cyber world specifically to trick and deceive many users. In fact, the malicious applications of such type may attack many countries, not just some specific ones. When it attacks the computer this penetration is hidden, but surely the rogue will let you know about its presence in a while, after it installs itself successfully. The very word “rogue” stands for the software that claims to be certain reliable anti-virus solution, whereas its capabilities are surely overestimated. Instead of rendering the desired level of protection the hoax makes your system much slower and indeed vulnerable to many other cyber threats, sometimes even more severe than ildefender.exe.

As soon as ildefender.exe gets completely installed onto the infected machine it immediately tunes the system in a manner that would allow the rogue to implements its malicious plots. For example, it changes certain registry settings that make it possible for the program to launch itself automatically, together with every Windows startup. Then, once the malware is up and running, it initiates its fake scan, having finalized it with quite scary yet fake malware reports. You will hear a lot of untrue information about Trojan horses, keyloggers, worms and other forms of infections to dwell on your computer. It is worth mentioning that this fake scan of ildefender.exe lasts within less than a minute, so it is illogical to believe that some serious threats can be revealed at the lapse of such a short time interval. This is why we say it again to you – do not trust what this scareware tells you. Ignore it and remove the rogue immediately by following the guidelines below.

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