Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remove LiveSearchNow (click.livesearchnow.com) hijacker

LiveSearchNow.com stands for the well-spread form of browser redirecting Trojan, i.e. the hijacker that normally enters the workstations of those users who aren’t very prudent while installing all sorts of applications downloaded over the Internet. At the same time, the majority of users do want to uninstall click.livesearchnow.com from their systems, and in this blog post we will enlighten the issue of how to make the eradication of this redirect issue effective and complete.

Just as we’ve said above already, livesearchnow.com redirecting hijacker is often brought into computers when users download and install certain software they obtain in the Internet. The installers of these programs are often integrated with the installer of livesearchnow.com browser hijacker. Hence, as you see, sometimes users are themselves responsible for installing LiveSearchNow.com hijacker into their systems.

When livesearchnow.com is successfully brought this means that your browser (whatever one you generally use) will have click.livesearchnow.com as your default search page, instead of its common start blank page. No doubt, we consider this feature to be very unpleasant when all our search requests are transferred through click.livesearchnow.com site.

How to prevent your preferred browser from being attacked by hijackers like click.livesearchnow.com? Well, the good recommendation is to be very prudent when installing any programs downloaded in the web. Always select the custom installation, removing (unticking) all unwanted options that bring all kinds of browser add-ons into your computer.

How to get rid of click.livesearchnow.com from your browser? Well, this matter is surely resolving. In fact, to uninstall click.livesearchnow.com you should perform certain manual steps first, before running any security program you have. So, please follow the steps outlined below that we’ve developed to assist our blog readers. If you have any problems deleting LiveSearchNow.com hijacker from your system please let us know without hesitation.

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