Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to remove System Care Antivirus (uninstall guide)

System Care Antivirus is actively crossing around the world and attacking many computers, irrespective of wealth status, nationality, gender or social status of their owners. This fake anti-malware application can't be tolerated and requires immediate removal from your computer. So, how to get rid of System Care Antivirus? What are the main principles of terminating its malicious process, in spite of the blockage intiated by the rogue? Who are the creators of System Care Antivirus and what is their main goal they try to achieve? You will surely find the answers to these questions in the next paragraphs.

System Care Antivirus is the direct successor of AVASoft Professional Antivirus. The developers of these two rogue security programs are the same. They're the pack of cyber frauds who want to scare users into buying the totally useless security software bearing this name. Yet, the program is absolutely helpless; it cannot identify real security threats and virus vulnerabilities of your computer. Yet, it will try to create the impression in your mind as if it is meant to protect your system. The hoax infiltrates computers without user's consent or approval. This is done in a hidden manner, thus the scam appears on the attacked computer suddenly, without any visible installation procedure. Immediately upon successful infiltration without user's permission System Care Antivirus scam begins imitating the scanning of your computer. So, it runs quite a fast scan and then immediately reports the large number of fake infections which aren't even present on your computer. As we've mentioned already, this is done to scare you tremendously about the condition of your computer. We all want our systems to be clean, and when something bad happens with the PC we can't find peace until the trouble is resolved. Well, here comes System Care Antivirus and says the PC is in the worst ever condition because of viruses it reports about. The point is that all such viruses and threats are invented. To say even more, System Care Antivirus is most probably the only threat available on your computer.

To sum up, don't listen to the faulty statements expressed by System Care Antivirus hoax. It is not what it claims of itself, and its only mission is to earn money unfairly by means of scaring users into buying its license (registration code). Buying this rogue is a serious mistake, of course. Hopefully, you will never make it! If you have already done so by mistake, please refer to your bank immediately and dispute all charges immediately. Finally, to terminate the malicious process of System Care Antivirus rogue please follow the guidelines outlined below. We need to mention that in order to run our recommended security software - GridinSoft Trojan Killer - you need to undertake some preparatory steps directed at stopping the malicious process of System Care Antivirus malware. The guide below explains how to do it. Good luck!

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