Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to get rid of www.govome.com from your browser

If you see www.govome.com as the start page of your browser this probably means that your browser got hijacked. We recently saw a complaint of one of users online, whose Yahoo search page got replaced by govome.com, instead of a default of blank one. Obviously, this didn’t happen with user’s participation. Right now many computers in various countries of the world have their browsers that redirect the search queries via this annoying site. It is annoying for users because they initially didn’t install it onto their computer. This redirecting address was implanted into the search browser by means of a special Trojan horse, which eventually led to the installation of this browser hijacker.

It is worth saying that all browser may become hijacked by www.govome.com. The very site doesn’t specify any specific details about itself. It only gives the option to select the default search language. Obviously, the developers of this site and this redirecting browser hijacker have in mind to draw some traffic to certain goods or services that are promoted while user is looking for some information online. Often he/she can’t obtain the desired information; instead, what users encounters is the bunch of paid advertisements that have nothing to do with the search expectations.

Having the browser hijacked is not something new. In fact, today there are many other serious forms of browser hijackers that really annoy users. They promise to really enhance the search results, whereas in reality these results are perverted. So, if you really suffer from your browser redirecting you via govome.com, you may find the instructions that will help you fix this problem. Yet, remember that in such cases automatic removal might not be the best solution, because this will not help you completely. The anti-virus tool might remove some Trojan horse responsible for browser redirection, yet there are certain manual steps that should be undertaken additionally. You may find the description of these recommended system recovery tips below.

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