Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to restore hidden and missing files after virus attack?

Today many users all over the world experience the great need to restore their missing and hidden data that was concealed intentionally by the malware. What malware was that, by the way? This group of infections is often referred to as fake hard drive defragmenters, and there have been many of them. We can give several names as examples - Data Recovery, File Recovery, File Restore rogues. File Restore is the latest threat, by the way. The malware after successful infiltration modifies the system parameters and launches itself on each system startup. Thus, once users turn their computers on the hoax comes up. Immediately it begins its malicious scan which is a fake scan, in fact. The virus then gives the number of fake reports about various unreal errors supposedly detected. The list of all these fake errors is quite large, by the way. We will not even mention them all to you. The most horrible fact about these viruses is that they hide all your data, such as desktop icons, shortcuts, Start menu items, programs, files, folders, pictures, documents, etc. As you see, this is all quite unexpected when users don't see any of their data at all.

The truth we know about this viruses is that they don't delete files. They indeed set up the hidden attribute to them all, plus the files are relocated to special folder specifically created by the virus. This special folder is called "smtmp", and this is where all your hidden files are.

In order to restore your hidden and missing files you need to run free utilities developed by GridinSoft LLC. They're called GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore. Please find their direct download links:

Detailed malware removal guide:

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