Friday, October 12, 2012

How to get rid of Northern Constabulary E-crime Unit malware (locker)

If your computer is locked by the horrible alert supposedly of Northern Constabulary E-crime Unit you should be very careful! This warning isn’t connected with this UK’s law enforcement society. Instead, what you encounter is the malware categorized as ransomware. It was elaborated and implanted into the cyber realm by hackers specifically for the goal of stealing money from horrified and deceived users. And, by the way, it belongs to the same type of virus as Metropolitan Police virus (screen locker). This is the Trojan horse that attacks the PC, amends its startup parameters in the Registry Editor and thus hijacks the desktop of the infected computer with its scary warning each time user switches the computer on.

The scary alert supposedly coming from Northern Constabulary E-crime Unit accuses users of committing various crimes while using the PC. For example, the alert says that users were noticed to perform the following illegal activities with use of their workstations:

  • Sending unsolicited spam to various addressees
  • Watching explicit adult content and spreading it around other users
  • Downloading illegal software, audio and video samples (thus violating ownership rights)
  • Supporting terrorist activities
  • Performing other crimes in violation of UK’s and international legislation

The virus then instructs users to donate some amount of funds in favor of the robbers that elaborated it. The penalty is supposed to be made by Ukash or. Paysafecard payment systems with indication of PIN (voucher) code in the special field of the ransomware’s background. Doing as instructed by this virus is a serious error! Never donate funds in favor of these malware developers! Keep in mind that this notice allegedly coming from Northern Constabulary E-crime Unit is a malware and isn’t connected with the UK’s police.

Restarting the computer to remove Northern Constabulary E-crime Unit fake alert doesn’t help. And it doesn’t matter how many times you reboot your machine. The locked status would remain. In order to unlock your PC you are instructed by us to follow the detailed removal instructions that will help you recover your system effectively. By the way, there are two separate recommended methods – automatic and manual ones. If you follow these guides carefully you will be able to restore your computer to the previous fully functional status.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

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