Thursday, January 23, 2014

Remove scam

The message from the website is a scam. This is another site that is related to a computer infection classified as ransomware that has the elements of browser hijacking. This infection gets spread through many ways, but in all of such cases it is able to come into browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If this blockage of your browser by this website took place you must understand that this is a virus and not a real police warning. It is not associated with FBI, GVU, ANSSI or any other law-enforcement agency of any world country.

The purpose of fake police alert is to lock browser with its quite scary yet fake message. The virus says that the reason why your browser has been blocked is because of you performing a lot of illegal activities online, such as watching and spreading a lot of sinful content on the web. In reality, all such information is absolutely fake. It is not related to any of the law-enforcement agencies of any country.

Hackers by showing this fake police alert on your PC from the website simply want to make you pay money in their favor. So, they tell that in order to unlock your browser you need to pay the fine through Ukash, Paysafecard or MoneyPak payment transfer systems. In reality, this isn't a fine at all. This is a ransom which these crooks want you to pay into their pockets.

If your browser has been blocked with a scary yet fake police warning from the website you need to scan your PC with a reliable security software that will help you detect the infection and remove it right away. Also, you will need to reset your infected browser for complete cleanup of it. This all can be done by following the guidelines rendered below.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for scam removal: virus removal tool

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