Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Attentive Antivirus scam (removal instructions)

Attentive Antivirus is a new fake antispyware program, the successor of System Doctor 2014 fake antivirus. Considerable system slowdown is what to expect of Attentive Antivirus scam. Nothing positive, in fact. The very fact of presence of this fake anti-spyware application is an evidence of a serious gap in the security of your system. Most probably this threat got inside of your computer due to the fault of your available anti-malware program to identify it on time. Otherwise, this is probably explained by the total absence of legitimate anti-spyware program on your computer.

So, when Attentive Antivirus scam enters your system, you should differentiate between the true (legit) security software and fake one. In all cases decent anti-virus programs are installed in accordance with the consent and permission of users, whereas this can’t be the truth when it comes to describing the traits of this hoax. It actually gets installed when you don’t even see the very process of this badware infiltration. Once this is done, the virus immediately modifies your system to be started together with each Windows logon. This means that as soon as you turn your PC on Attentive Antivirus is the first application you see in front of your desktop. Immediately the hoax runs its bogus scan of your PC and reports various infections. Surely, all of them aren’t real but fake. So, don’t trust the misleading information you see reported by this junkware. Similarly, ignore all its deceitful promises to heal your PC with the full (so-called licensed) version of this scam on the condition that you first buy it. Purchasing this hoax is the mistake on your part and the total waste of money, so hurry up to uninstall the malware from your PC. Please follow our detailed removal instructions and then download legitimate anti-virus software we recommend below.

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