Monday, July 8, 2013

Remove mxdefender.exe (Internet Security Pro virus)

This is the article describing Internet Security Pro – fake antispyware program that is extremely dangerous and hazardous in its plans. Its main process now is called mxdefender.exe. This fake antivirus tool was not created with the intention to assist users in virus removal. It has the only aim – to scare users into believing their computer is in a horrible condition after the series of fake scans implemented and bogus reports presented by it. No doubt, keeping this program represents real danger for your system, and the quicker you remove it the better for you and your computer. You should be aware of the fact that this application doesn’t use legal methods of entering your system. It applies certain leaks in your system security and the vulnerabilities that are easily identified by it. Hence, often the world’s most powerful anti-malware tools fail to detect this hoax on a timely basis, thus resulting in malware entering many workstations.

Internet Security Pro (a.k.a. mxdefender.exe), of course, is the master of trickery and fooling simple and trusting users. The point is that this fake anti-malware tool during its hidden installation also modifies your system tremendously, in order to be started automatically each time you turn your computer on. This means that you will eventually and inevitably see the annoying window of Internet Security Pro each time you need to do something important on your computer.

As we’ve already mentioned above, Internet Security Pro immediately, upon successful launching, initiates the faulty scanning of your computer and later on reports the multitude of fake and unreal infections. All of them simply don’t dwell on your system. Nevertheless, the hoax will do all it can to persuade you that your computer is in a terribly infected condition.

What you should do immediately when you see Internet Security Pro running on your PC is ignoring the bunch of its deceitful statements, warnings, notifications and alerts. Do not ever buy the license (activation code) of Internet Security Pro , because this is the waste of your funds, nothing else. Please carefully follow the removal guide that we’ve specifically developed for removal of this scam from your computer with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

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